Real Estate market represents a
significant portion of any economy.

It involves developers, financial
institutions, intermediary services
providers and consumers. Market
dynamics is complex.

 The Global Real Estate Investors Club is a community established by Just Global, Inc. to provide:
 • a forum for consumers to tap on timely real estate market
information and receive investment education,

• and a platform to meet with developers / brokers to examine development opportunities.

It typically involves intensive market research, industry networking, marketing communications and media management, event management experience, and professional client services.

The population in California has the largest Asian concentration in the nation (either alone or in
combination with one or more other races). The Asian community has great interest in home
ownership and investment. The Global Real Estate Investors Club targets at the underserved Asian community as its primary market segment at launch time, and has now been serving investors of a very diverse cultural background.

  Our Record

  As of end of 2008, we had organized 6 editions of Global Real Estate Investment Expo (4 events
  in San Francisco and 2 events in Los Angeles) and many monthly meetings, Webinars, forums
  and Foreclosure Tours to serve the needs of the members. We have also conducted Land
  Auctions and other major sales activities for various Builders and brokers to market their real
  estate projects.

  In less than four years time, we have cultivated, throughout southern and northern California,
  over 3,000 members with diverse cultural backgrounds and a common shared goal of making
  sound Real Estate investments.


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